Missed IndVsBan match? Here the legends re-create the last over Moment

Watch out the legends on the field, where they need to act and troll the moment. Don’t know about the real moment but the unreal moment of these legends are hitting on social very hard.

South African legend Shaun Pollock act the role of Hardik Pandya and captain cool was role by super cool Daren Ganga. The frame isn’t filled here itself, Nick Knight, Russell Arnold as they recreate the most talked about moment of World Cup T20 so far.

These are the astounding diaries this world cup season have brought to us.





Things Team India Should Keep In Mind in Today’s Match at Mohali


After a huge loss by New Zealand, team India managed to win two consecutive matches against Pakistan and Bangladesh, they were not convincing though. But they tried to be in the race for knockouts and today’s important game against the team-to-beat Australia has transferred into a virtual quarter-finals for both the teams. Here we’ll see what things India should take care while playing the match and win it.

Work on strength I.E. Batting


Source: Fox Sports


Although Indian bowlers are bowling absolutely fabulous since last few games, it’s batting that’s a big worry for India. Especially openers, until now, have failed to capitalize the good start which would give a platform for the middle order to gain more runs. In the middle order as well, except the giant Virat Kohli and the cool skipper MS Dhoni and one performance of Suresh Raina against Bangladesh, nobody’s looking confident as well as playable in the batting order.

Read the surface well

Since the first game in WT20 Indian team has got the slowest pitches to play on and the surfaces like that proved as nightmare for the batsmen to score runs. As the reports say, India will look forward to play on the same pitch they were playing in the last three games and will try to take down the kangaroos in the web of spin under the attack of R Ashwin’s spinning artillery. It’s important for the batsmen to read the pitch to score a fighting total if India forced to bat first.
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Top best sledging moments between India v/s Pakistan

As the mother of all clashes, India vs Pakistan is just a few hours away, we bring you some of the infamous episodes of hottest incidents took place between the players of India and Pakistan cricket team. 

Dada giving hard to Mohammad Yusuf

Sourav Ganguly is a synonym to aggressiveness on the field. Ganguly, actually, taught Indian squad how to play aggrssive and sometimes how to sledge as well.

Sehwag’s Revenge

It’s a story of Virender Sehwag’s debut match played in the year 1999. It was a crunch game as always between the two teams. Sehwag came at no. 7 and got out on only 1 run. Imran Nazir and Shahid Afridi both sledge hard at Sehwag and Shahid Afridi was totally launching high artillery to Sehwag. Shoaib Akhtar, who took a wicket of Sehwag didn’t get a chance to sledge him. But the story doesn’t end here. Thereafter it was Sehwag’s time to get on the toes and figure out what’s happened to him. He sledge the Pakistani players hard and felt revenge. Sehwag’s the blow to Umar Gul.


Source: Zimbio

Harbhajan’s reply to Shoaib Akhtar 

Gambhir Afridi collision 


Source: India Today


Master blaster in action

1989, was a historic year when the god of cricket stepped into the field against Pakistan in Pakistan and stood against the lethal pace attack of Pakistan with Wasim Akram and Imran Khan at a tender age of 16. He was also facing the wrath of the local crow as well. After hitting two sixes to Mushtaq Ahmed in an over it was Abdul Qadir who came up and challenged Tendulkar to “Take on a man”



Javed Miandad mocking Kiran More 


Source: India Times

India vs Pakistan cricket battle’s not at all for the weak hearted people and we definitely will be getting more like this in today’s game of World Cup T20 2016.

Dry, Spin Friendly Wickets

When India lost to New Zealand in an opening Super-10 match of ICC WT20 by a huge margin of 47 runs, it was a real disaster for fans of Indian team who were expecting the easy win for team India as they entered the tournament as favorites backed up by 10 T20 wins off their last 11 games. After white-washing the top gun Australia in their home and winning the Asia cup against the top contenders of Asian continent it was only India who was looking extremely powerful for the ICC WT20 2016 and it was a team to beat for others to win the title.

But what came in between India’s journey towards the WT20 title is the pitch. Dry, extremely spin friendly pitches which was once considered as an extremely easy job for the Indian batsmen as they grow up playing on this type of wickets and the conditions. But since last 2-4 years Indian batsmen has been well exposed to the spin on dry pitches and the team which was once counted as the best team against spin suddenly looking extremely dull and we experienced it in the first match of super 10 in Nagpur that day.


Almost all the former players and top commentators of the game were extremely shocked about the wicket the curator of the VCA stadium Jamtha made for the opening match of super 10 of WT20. When the tournament started on 8th of march many matches of the qualifier stage were played on this ground and the wickets were extremely sporty and result giving. The pitches was nice and classy compared to the India’s game as it was totally dry and made for the spinners. The qualifier games on this ground were not at all the low scoring once but unlike the qualifier games India’s match was highly low scoring and 120 was also the challenging total.

About 2-3 months ago a test match of team India vs South Africa have been played on this ground and the wicket of that game was considered as poor by the ICC. On that day ball was turning like a snake and on the day when India and New Zealand teams came in front of each other, the ball was doing the same for the spinners. This Nagpur wicket has again ignited the debate on the spin-friendly wickets and its limits. Nobody’s saying not to make turning pitches at all but then a cricket pitch should be the surface where the bowlers as well as batsmen can perform on their skills and the pitch would help them both. Unfortunately, Nagpur pitch failed to do so and hence it’s now under high scrutiny. Even a WACA, Perth pitch which was once famous for its bounce and speed now has made a drastic change and it turned into a normal path wicket with some kind of help to the bowlers.


Few days ago, in the same test series of South Africa the hassle between the Indian team Manager Ravi Shastri and the Wankhede curator Sudhir Naik about the turning pitches is a fresh issue and we also need to question the limits of interference of the team into the works of the curator of the respective stadiums. It should be understandable that the home team would get the benefit of home conditions but it should be in limits of the ethics of the game and the curators, teams and the authorities should always consider cricket first. In a T20 match, the crowd need an absolute entertainment and the expectation of crowd would get doubled up when it’s a world cup game. The curators should get this point into their account and should make a wicket according to it in future matches.

We can now only hope for the team’s win in all the three remaining games to qualify for the knockouts to win the country’s second WT20 title.


MS Dhoni’s biopic to roll on Big Screen: Teaser out

The enchantment of “Dhoni-Dhoni” has no limits to entertain the audience, it is aptly rated for his swift stumping – almost invisible to naked eye, be for his brute strength display at his bat swinging, be for his cool attitude at field, be for his humbleness when Indian team brings laurels to the country. Dhoni who had transformed from a boy from an obscure small town to a sports legend with the aura of a rockstar.

The newly released teaser of The Untold Story of MS Dhoni is featured by Sushant Singh Rajput as a Captain Cool was launched just moments before India’s opening match against New Zealand in the ICC World T20 2016.

Sushant Singh Rajput, dressed as a Ticket Collector (TC), is seen walking through on railway station as he reports for his first day of duty in Southern East Railway. Sushant is seen earnestly listening to the instructions from his senior as he looks forward to step forward for his first professional assignment. The teaser end with the chants of ‘Dhoni.. Dhoni’ after he hit the winning six of the 2011 World Cup, helping India lift the title after 28 years. Lastly, the frame conveys the two effective lines that can scale up the excitement of the audience.



Source: Feed Cricket


The man you know, the journey you don’t.

Sushant Singh Rajput looks so promising as MS Dhoni, that one just can’t get enough of it. The world would be waiting for 2nd September 2016 to know the story of a magnificent Caption cool.