New version of ‘Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai Pata Chala Hai’

The generation that grew up our 90s has come to relieve and refresh with fascinating new version along with the lyrics of“Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai Pata Chala hai”. Yes! our 90s super cute hero Mowgli is coming to share an experience he had in jungle in back days. The Audience will enjoy seeing Bagheera, Sher khan and other many appealing characters that handle our childhood when our mom used to work.

To add to the nostalgia, the famous duo of Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar, who created the original track for the TV series, have recreated the song for the film and it is taking us right back to the time when Sunday mornings were reserved for Mowgli. Upcoming movie of Jon Favreau has surprised us by flashing the memories and brought goosebumps of joy.





An NRI is helping Indian Gays.

Though the judicial system and the political spectrum totally ignored them, gays in India, now, have something good to hear.


Source: The Atlantic

An NRI from Chicago has set up a Gay Marriage Bureau in India to organize arranged gay marriages in the country. Gays can find  their suitable matches here from the country as well as from abroad.

Benhur Samson, who is associated with Surrogacy Abroad Inc., Chicago, IL, who is also well known for his work in stopping surrogacy in gay marriages, is the man behind the cause. “Many gay people want to get married with their suitable partners and India is the best place for it as the culture of arranged marriages has well established here and Indians are known for their commitment and loyalty towards their partner and the hard work to maintain their relationship well”, said Samson.

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Weirdest things to do

The tag of boredom can never be sexy even if we are lonely. If you want your journey to take a turn for excitement and fun, you have to be constantly entertaining yourself, no matter what fucking things you have to do. Our heart is bachallan. We come across many stupid ideas when we are lonely sitting on a commode without a smartphone or a book. Here I have come across some ideas which launched from the depth of commode.

  1. Hit a policeman (Mama):


If you want to hit a policeman, you must first tie up your shoe lace for a better run or wear a foam underwear to save your ass.

  1. Pee from the top of Burj Khalifa:


Source: Metro

When we hold for a long time after that the flow and relief with the eyes closed is something which can’t be expressed. Imagine if you have held your pee for a long time to stair up Burj Khalifa, and then you are letting go the flow in an open top most view. That experience will be much better than when an 18-year-old boy falls in love with a girl.

  1. Tell Potty jokes to stranger:





No matter what you are talking and no matter what a stranger is giving expression to your potty jokes. You should constantly try to laugh a stranger, he will laugh in the middle before starting your next joke.

  1. Ask for a lift by getting hot:


Source: Urban Asian

Park your car beside a road. Stand shirtless with sexy sunglasses, and ask for a lift. Excuse me! Your waist should be slight down.

  1. Sing in public:


Source: YouTube

Even if your voice is not so touchy, but it works to laugh others.

  1. Approach for a selfie and start playing a porn:


Source: Emmileey

Ask a stranger for a selfie, if they are ready with their pose, start playing a porn.

  1. Propose one with chest hair:


    Source: Chest Hair

Propose a stranger by showing chest hair, where there is a matter of women, they can propose men by exposing hot red line.

  1. Fart in lift:


Source: Mirror

If you are in lift filled with many people, immediately place your sexy ass to position. They may analyse what food you had last.  

  1. Jam the traffic:


Source: CSMonitor

Stop the people by any reason, and jam the traffic for a long.

Top best sledging moments between India v/s Pakistan

As the mother of all clashes, India vs Pakistan is just a few hours away, we bring you some of the infamous episodes of hottest incidents took place between the players of India and Pakistan cricket team. 

Dada giving hard to Mohammad Yusuf

Sourav Ganguly is a synonym to aggressiveness on the field. Ganguly, actually, taught Indian squad how to play aggrssive and sometimes how to sledge as well.

Sehwag’s Revenge

It’s a story of Virender Sehwag’s debut match played in the year 1999. It was a crunch game as always between the two teams. Sehwag came at no. 7 and got out on only 1 run. Imran Nazir and Shahid Afridi both sledge hard at Sehwag and Shahid Afridi was totally launching high artillery to Sehwag. Shoaib Akhtar, who took a wicket of Sehwag didn’t get a chance to sledge him. But the story doesn’t end here. Thereafter it was Sehwag’s time to get on the toes and figure out what’s happened to him. He sledge the Pakistani players hard and felt revenge. Sehwag’s the blow to Umar Gul.


Source: Zimbio

Harbhajan’s reply to Shoaib Akhtar 

Gambhir Afridi collision 


Source: India Today


Master blaster in action

1989, was a historic year when the god of cricket stepped into the field against Pakistan in Pakistan and stood against the lethal pace attack of Pakistan with Wasim Akram and Imran Khan at a tender age of 16. He was also facing the wrath of the local crow as well. After hitting two sixes to Mushtaq Ahmed in an over it was Abdul Qadir who came up and challenged Tendulkar to “Take on a man”



Javed Miandad mocking Kiran More 


Source: India Times

India vs Pakistan cricket battle’s not at all for the weak hearted people and we definitely will be getting more like this in today’s game of World Cup T20 2016.

9 Things To Do Before You Die!

  1. Book a world tour for your parents.


Source: Pinterest

The best thing to do before you die is to take your parents for the world tour. They will be happy to your surprise than the world tour.


  1. Express Your Feelings.


Be free to express your feeling with your mains. Even if your boss kicking your ass every day, be free to express your feelings. Feelings are the expressions and they must be expressed.

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