An NRI is helping Indian Gays.

Though the judicial system and the political spectrum totally ignored them, gays in India, now, have something good to hear.


Source: The Atlantic

An NRI from Chicago has set up a Gay Marriage Bureau in India to organize arranged gay marriages in the country. Gays can find  their suitable matches here from the country as well as from abroad.

Benhur Samson, who is associated with Surrogacy Abroad Inc., Chicago, IL, who is also well known for his work in stopping surrogacy in gay marriages, is the man behind the cause. “Many gay people want to get married with their suitable partners and India is the best place for it as the culture of arranged marriages has well established here and Indians are known for their commitment and loyalty towards their partner and the hard work to maintain their relationship well”, said Samson.

Manvendrasingh Gohil, gay prince of Rajpipla has also confirmed as a Councillor and he’s helping in workings of the bureau. “I am the first member from the royal family come out to support gay marriages but certainly I am not the last” he said.

The bureau has already been operational and has received 250 inquiries. The registration cost of the bureau is $5,000 and the amount is also refundable if one doesn’t get the suitable match. The bureau has also taken care of the immigration if the candidate is from abroad.

It’s a good news for all 25 lakh gay people in India, according to the figures submitted by the government to the Supreme Court of India in 2012 and the marriage bureau isn’t the bad concept at all to arrange marriages within these people.


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