9 Things To Do Before You Die!

  1. Book a world tour for your parents.


Source: Pinterest

The best thing to do before you die is to take your parents for the world tour. They will be happy to your surprise than the world tour.


  1. Express Your Feelings.


Be free to express your feeling with your mains. Even if your boss kicking your ass every day, be free to express your feelings. Feelings are the expressions and they must be expressed.

  1. Inspire Someone.

There is always someone who inspires you in your life. We should do something extraordinary so that at least one person will follow you. This can be a charity to the depressed one.


  1. Pursue Your Passion.


Source: Ugmonk

Chase your dreams. Your passion is the only thing which makes you happy. Nothing will help you overcome the feeling of doing something you hate.


  1. Go Out Of Limits.

Sometimes it is good to break the rules. Skip your schedule to do some crazy things. Cross your limits, break rules, get drunk, party with some hot cheeks, do adventurous things, etc.


  1. Lose Virginity.


Source: PuckerMob

Sex is much needed. The choice is yours, whether you want to lose it before marriage or after it. Just make sure you donโ€™t die the virgin.


  1. Travel Your Dream Place.


Source: Pinterest

Everyone dreams of a place which they want to visit at least once in life. Whether you want to go to a strip club in Las Vegas or go to the Eiffel with your life partner.


  1. Write A Life Book.


Source: Linkedin

Maintain a diary. It will never rub your memory. You can read it whenever you want to and all the memories come in front of you which makes you smile. Donโ€™t write very personal things, coz if your mom reads it she will kick you out.


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